Apartments to Save Space

Storage Bed in Small Westside Urban Market Apartments to Save Space

Storage is a need for every home. If you are living in a small apartment in Westside Urban market, then you need to tactfully handle all our stuff so that you have free space for movement. The bedroom is a great storage area. You have the dressing table, the wardrobe, chest of drawers and also the bed. The bed if you have a storage bed it is of great use for that stuff which is sparingly used. You do not use the blankets every way and only need them in winter months. For the other months, you can save them in you bed box if you have chosen to accommodate storage bed in your bedroom.

When you go to purchase furniture for smaller apartments, always keep in mind the space issue. The best solution thus is buying those who have more than a single function like a sofa cum bed or a storage bed. Sofa cum bed is that one which is placed in many living rooms to accommodate guests. Storage beds are also common which help you to store clothes, extra beddings, and crockery which are not used on a daily basis.

Beds with storage are available in various material and designs. There is custom made storage beds too which you can design according to your likings. There are the wrought iron beds which have storage along with wooden beds also. Wooden beds are mostly made of oak or pine. They are superior quality of wood, therefore, they are on the higher pricing as compared to the wrought iron beds.

Most of the middle-class small Westside Urban market apartments have storage beds to solve their space issue. There are two kinds of storage beds which are seen.

  • The wooden beds have the bed base which moves upwards to reveal the hidden space inside. These beds have a great storage space as you get space as much as the size of the mattress. However, since pulling up the bed base is difficult mostly those items which are not regularly used are stored there.
  • Another type of storage bed is the one which functions like the drawers. The storage space is like drawers with wheels, and you can pull out the drawer sideways. Since pulling out is easier you can store the daily use items like clothes shoes and even the pillows and bed sheets which are regularly used. These types of beds are available in both wrought iron and wood.
  • The last type is inspired by showcases. Like showcases have their glasses shift side ways, these beds have doors on the bottom of the bed base which moves towards the head board to reveal the space inside. These too can be used to save much personal stuff like shoes, clothes, crockery and bedding and mattresses.

It is best to buy storage bed which suits our needs perfectly and saves great space in the smaller apartments.