Urban Market

Westside Urban Market Is Awaiting Your Attention

Are you an art lover by heart? Or do you appreciate the creativity? Are you in search of something different from the run of the mill stuff for tour parties? May be the decorative items or the handmade jewelry or the pottery. I need to mention that Westside Urban Market would be a Mecca for you In that case.

Although summed up with in the two huge tents, this market has the shop that will offer you something different from what is already in the market. In a way that is a promotion of the traditional and ethnic art forms that gets veiled under the progressive trends.

Around 70-80 vendors put up their shops under these two tents during the four seasons. That makes the market seasonal and also worth waiting for. The visit of the vendors from their respective districts and probably overpowered places is seen four times in an entire year when they come up with something so captivating and heart winning that you would never be able to control your hands from grabbing every single item that you encounter.

The minute details of the pottery and the hand crafted item are given full attention perhaps as it can be notified from the perfection it withholds.

Apart from the shops, certain restaurants and food joints are also seen stuffed with people throughout. Food offered would indeed bring water to your mouth. The flavors are a real treat bringing in the actual taste of the traditional food recopies.

Gaining wide popularity with every passing day, the market has made a huge fan following. Looking at the increasing number of visitors, there are planning to relocate it to a more spacious place where it would not get as congested as it gets now also offering other vendors from distant regions to come up with something of their own that can stand out from the rest.

It is evident that the market attracts tourists from across the country and also sometimes from beyond that. That does not end up here. Even the vendors that come up to this mare are sometimes from a different country.

You can imagine the versatility offered that makes it such a perfect place to visit once. After all the real taste lies in such zonal markets and areas. You would never enjoy in a metropolitan city’s mall as you would get to in Westside Urban Market.